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Please contact us by email at (We cannot accommodate phone-in queries about items posted on this blog.)

Images are grouped into different mini-galleries, or collections.

To ask about a specific image in your email, list the following:
1) post title
2) date of post
3) a brief description of the item
4) if possible include the image number *

Include your phone number for a response by phone.

Queries will be answered in 24 to 48 hours.

Thank you!

* The image number can be obtained in two ways. ( 1 ) While in the post mode (showing all the images at once), hover the cursor over an image for the number to appear. ( 2 ) While in slideshow mode, use the actions control/click to obtain a menu. Choose “save image as” and the image number will appear in the “save” box.  To exit a slide show, use the ESC tab at the top right of the slide show.